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▶︎ Makes trailer hook-ups much 

..   easier  by moving the tongue left 

..   or right to align with the ball.

▶︎ Makes first-try hookups normal.

▶︎ Relocates the jack back so the  

..   tailgate can fully open, & rear

..   access is unrestricted  when

..   hitched.

▶︎ Options to mount batteries,

..   propane &  bolt-on ccessories...



Side-to-Side Extended

       With all Options

     Like to make    

 Single Pass

   Hookups               normal?

Jack Back


 ▶︎ Relocates the jack back, allows

..   full tailgate opening & full rear

..   access when hitched.

▶︎ Tailgate cannot hit the jack, so

   impact damage is impossible.

▶︎ Options to mount batteries,

..   propane tanks, accessories.

Mililtary & Police Discounts!

            Please email us!

Jack Back 


Jack Back  Extended

            With all Options

       Does your
  Tailgate Hit
    the Jack
     when hitched?

▶︎ The Side-to-Side & Jack Back  

..   allow the tailgate to open all the way.

Accessory Platform


▶︎ Mounts standalone anywhere on

..   the tongue, even the very back.
▶︎ Uses two parallel bars, adjustable

.    to best fit the accessory.
▶︎ Includes four robust hold downs

    with many holes for attachments.
▶︎ Mounts generator, tools, propane,

..   compressor, water tank, big heavy

     stuff, temporary or permanent.

Accessory Platform 


Strong       ♦ All steel, tested to 5000 lb
Ez Install   ♦ Assembled,  bolt-on,  no drill

Versatile    ♦ Manual/electric jack, angles
Durable     ♦ Powder coat, galvanized, SS

Adaptable ♦ Any tongue angle, frame size
Movable    ♦ To each new trailer, any size
Free Ship  ♦ Anywhere in the USA!

USA!          ♦ American Invented & made!

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