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R&M - Tailgate Hits Stock Trailer Jack

Your Problem?

           Features & Benefits 

▶︎ Ez Install      Pre-assembled, bolt-on,
                            NO drilling or welding.
▶︎ Strong          All steel 3/16" to 3/8"  
▶︎ Durable        All steel  parts, nuts, bolts

                            Galvanized or SS or Brass.
▶︎  Tough          Lives outside, unprotected,
                            all-year, ALL climates.
▶︎ Movable      To each new trailer, any

                            size, any frame height.
▶︎ American    Invented & 
Made in USA!

R&M - Tailgate Clears Relocated Trailer Jack

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The  careers, expertise and natural talents of R&M's creators are concentrated in:

Manufacturing, Marketing,

Construction & Software


Combined, we've seen

Countless days of sizzling SuperSlab. 
Memorable decades of week ends

exploring promising RV destinations, 
Unforgettable years

RVing the lower 48 full time!

We lived the ancient adage:
"See the USA in Your Chevrolet"

Over-the-road frustrations exposed deficiencies in current trailer technologies

and sparked insights for solutions.

Thus, R&M was born!

Initial innovative concepts, CAD drawings, custom software and this web site were

created entirely by R&M Principals!

We own all equity and our shop in Spanaway WA.

We make or domestically sub-contract ALL parts and assemble them into products

"Made in the USA"!

One of us is a Marine Veteran. We proudly support him and all courageous  Americans

who sacrifice so much to

Protect Us from the Wrath!

 Lest We Forget,
"Never was so much owed by so many to so few.
- Winston Churchill -
Not new, still True!

We created R&M in 2015 specifically to develop original products that use the empty space atop your trailer tongue to make hitching and operating a trailer faster and easier. The Jack Back OnTop and Jack Back Side-to-Side were the first, founding ideas, and their development germinated insights that led to another product idea. And then another.  One by one, we designed, manually prototyped, virtualized, laser cut in steel and tested to perfection!

Many more unique, practical products are in development, several near completion.

We were greatly encouraged when an                     

Official US Patent                 

for R&M's                 





Our shop's defining image is our

"Wall of Refinements"

The generations of prototypes

we built  before

we finally got it Just Right!






We own our shop, so we added 

personal touches - an on-site 

Greenhouse and Brood of Chickens!







Our most complex device yet, and the one we believe will be most valued by our customers, is our in-development Power Wheel! It uses a standard trailer jack to power a wheel to move your trailer!  It rotates up out of the way when not in use, and doesn't affect the normal operation of the trailer jack in any way.  We have defined the mechanical concepts, are beginning to focus on the CAD drawings and looking forward to prototyping!

R&M Jack Back Side-to-Side Displayed
R&M's Wall of Past Prototypes
R&M Company Greenhouse
R&M American Flag
R&M's King of the Roosters
R&M MIA Flag
   Two Indispensable Products
         R&M Does NOT Sell
Deliver unique benefits to many trailer owners & merit your serious 

▶︎ Sherline™ Trlr Tongue Scale  
▶︎ Fastway Flip™ Jack Foo
▶︎ Impartial R&M Overviews
▶︎ Both Made in the USA!
R&M's Queen of the Hens
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