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ALL new R&M products are now Hot Dip Galvanized, the ultimate in rust protection! Some Side Arm illustrations reflect this upgrade, and the rest soon will.


Side Arms, optional on all OnTop and Side-to-Side models, can attach a Double Propane Tank Rack, tool box, storage box or other accessory.


The Maxi models also mount a battery on both ends, so can relocate your jack AND  Add Battery(s) AND  Add Propane, ALL at the same time!  Or install either or both on a trailer with neither!


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Side Arms (2)

SKU: 0002
  • Side Arms are (2) 4" X 12" X 3/16" brackets  with 2" X 12" X 3/16" vertical gussets for strength, that bolt to Jack Back bars, facing front or back. Super Strong!

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