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Shackle Kit attaches a plywood platform to any location on a trailer tongue. You can create a big, sold, flat surface to mount storage containers, equipment or accessories, bolted permanently, or attached temporally  with straps or bungees. Holes can be drilled or eye hooks installed to exactly match a particular attachment.


If maximum size is needed, the plywood can be custom-cut to fill all available tongue surface. Works great for recreational items, large boxes, commercial tools, temporary needs, etc. You can almost always find somewhere to attach big, awkward equipment or other irregular objects. Holes for the shackle bolts can be anywhere they don't interfere.


▶︎ Plywood is amazingly strong, but it ain't steel!  DO NOT mount your propane or trailer jack on it!!!  But you can safely put any OnTop behind or on top of the plywood, or make a cutout for an OnSide.


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Shackle Kit

  • Contents: 
    • (4) 3/8" galvanized shackle bolts to match your trailer fame height.

    • (4) 3/8" galvanized nuts and (12) washers.
    • (2) 1.25"W x 4"L x .1875'D galvanized bottom shackles.


    Caution!!!  If you custom cut a plywood platform for the tongue, make sure it doesn't overhang the side of the tongue so much it contacts your tow vehicle in tight turns!



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