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Jack Back OnTop relocates the trailer jack rearward to a stationary steel platform shackled to  the tongue. Allows full tailgate or rear door opening, creates unrestricted rear access when hitched, and opens up extra room on the tongue for hitching. Tailgate or rear door cannot hit the jack, so impact damage is impossible!


An electric OR manual jack can be mounted at any one of a dozen angles, one every 30º, so the control switches are always right where you want them. ALL 2" trailer frames of ALL heights, are supported. OnTop is available in THREE models:


▶︎ OnTop, $199, includes (1) 16" and (1) 20" mounting bar. Moves the jack back 8 to 12 inches from stock.


▶︎ OnTop Plus, $229, includes (1) 20" and (1) 24" mounting bar. Moves the jack back 8 to 17 inches.


▶︎ OnTop Maxi, $279, includes (1) 16" and (1) 20" mounting bar, adds (4) 16" extension bars, and moves the jack back 38 inches, as far as is possible for most trailers. The Maxi can mount (2) batteries, one on each end.


▶︎ With optional Side Arms, all three models can attach (2) propane tanks or other accessory.


▶︎ Our rust prevention technology, Hot Dip Galvanization, is fundamentally different and far superiour to all others! Amazingly, the zinc actually penetrates the steel itself, and  metallurgically combines the zinc with the steel, and cannot be compromised by chipping, peeling or scratching. Galvanizing protects on THREE levels:


▶︎ Barrier Protection:

Insulates steel from moisture

▶︎ Cathodic Protection:

Zinc acts as an anode & oxidizes itself instead of the steel.
▶︎ Zinc Patina:

If damaged, zinc oxidation builds a protective layer that reseals it from the atmosphere and maintains protection. It looks good on day one and  remains so indefinitely.


▶︎ Temperature Range:

    • Between -40ºF and +392ºF.
▶︎ Expected Life Span: 
    • Near saltwater, decades.

    • Inland, up to a century!


▶︎ Optional Propane Lock discourages grab-and-go theft.
▶︎ Optional Side Arms attach a standard Double Propane Tank Rack, storage, tool box, etc. 5 gallon 20# and 7½ gallon 30# tanks supported.


▶︎ Two imperative products R&M does NOT make or sell deliver unique benefits to many trailer owners, & merit serious consideration.
• Sherline™ Trailer Tongue Scale
• Fastway Flip™ Auto Jack Foot
• Impartial R&M Overviews 


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Jack Back OnTop


    • All OnTops move the jack straight back, still in the middle, irrelevant for  most trailers, but RV and livestock trailers , with people or animals moving about inside, may be more comfortable with the perfect balance of a center-mounted OnTop or Side-to-Side.


    • Or put an OnSide on each front corner to minimize side-to-side motion inside and maximize overall stability.


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