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Propane Lock  is a simple but effective way to dissuade wannabe thieves! It works on ANY size tanks on ANY standard Double Propane Tank Rack, whether mounted on a Jack Back OR NOT!  


After the tanks and connecting hold-down bar are in place, and the large wing nut is tight, wrap the Propane Lock chain around the horizontal bar and wing nut, and padlock the ends of the chain tightly together. The wing nut cannot be loosened because it is chained to the bar fixed to the tanks!


▶︎ The new ProSeries® Master Lock® Combo Padlocks are simply the most secure, durable, and easiest to use combination locks available. The commercial-quality, 4-dial, combo-resettable, zinc and brass ProSeries® Master Lock 1178D is designed to survive in the most extreme environments and repel the most determined thieves!


▶︎ And large, easily-accessible dials make combo selection fast and easy.


▶︎ And the brass body and weather-proof seals provide years of trouble-free service.


▶︎ Lock Type: Combination. Uses 4 large, ergonomic dials with exclusive "blind" feature to permit operation with gloves OR in very low light.

▶︎ All-Weather: Yes. A rubber shackle seal and hinged weather cap protect dials from dirt & grime, and the zinc and brass body provides superior corrosion resistance.

▶︎ High Security: Yes. Features 4-digit combo resettable without a tool, 10,000 possible  combinations, and a 3/8" boron-carbide, double-lock, octagon shackle.

▶︎ Dial Location: Bottom. Deadlocking mechanism defies prying or shimming.

▶︎ Uses: Construction, Heavy  Equipment, Business Gates, Factories, etc.


▶︎ Click to view Reset Combination Instructions & Warrantee.


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Propane Lock

SKU: 796520024182
  • Padlock Specs 
    • Body Height: -----> 1 15/16
    • Body Width: ------> 2 1/4
    • Body Thick: -------> 1 1/4
    • Body Material: ---> Zinc/brass


    • Shackle Height: ---> 1 1/16
    • Shackle Width: ----> 15/16
    • Shackle Dia: ---------> 3/8
    • Shackle Material: Boron/carbide


    Chain Specs
    • Type: 1/4" Galvanized Gr30 
    • Length: ----------- -> 20"
    • Diameter:  ---------> 1/4"
    • Inside: ----------------> 3/8"
    • Padlock Sizes:  ----> 1/4, 5/16, 3/8


    • For maximum security, a lock should not only be a formidable obstacle, but look like one. This image is enhanced by wrapping the chain around the wing nut and the horizontal bar, twice - one wrap on each side of the vertical all-thread rod. This not only makes removal more difficult, but enhances the image  of invulnerability. 


    • R&M's strategy is to make a grab-and-go theft less tempting, more difficult, and harder to conceal, to look too tough to tackle, not worth the effort. But the truth is, a thief with proper tools and no fear of discovery cannot be denied. 

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