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ALL new R&M products are now Hot Dip Galvanized, the ultimate in rust protection! Some Battery Platform

illustrations reflect this upgrade, and the rest soon will.


The amount of steel in the Battery Platform 1408 equals a 1" X 1½" steel bar, strong enough to support boxes for all battery groups, types, sizes and capacities.


It can be shackled to the top OR  bottom of the trailer frame, extend inside OR  outside, and can be angled left  OR  right up to 45º in either direction. The jack can be left in the stock location or relocated with a Jack Back. The fastest, easiest , most flexible way to add a first or second battery.


To galvanize, the Battery Platform is dipped in +830 F molten zinc which forces the zinc to metallurgically combine with the steel rather then stick to the surface. Steel and molten zinc form in layers. The outer layer is pure zinc, the inner layers contain successively less.


Galvanization is impervious to scrapes, scratches or impact damage, so rust can't get a foothold, expand underneath and lift and peel, the primary vulnerability of ALL other rust prevention methods.

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Battery Platform 1408

SKU: 0008
  • • Platform dimensions: 14"L X 8"W X 3/16"D.


    • Elongated shackle bolt holes allow rotation to the chosen angle before it's shackled down.


    • The Platform has (4) 3/8" wide cutout crosses and many 3/8" holes to mount a battery box or other accessory.


    • Coexists comfortably with any Jack Back. See above illustration with a Battery Platform and a Jack Back OnSide mounted together.


    • Bolts, nuts, & washers to attach battery box or other bolt-on included.


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