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Jack Back Side-to-Side relocates an electric OR manual trailer jack back to a steel platform which slides between nylon surfaces in a steel frame shackled to the tongue. The tongue glides smoothly and easily 4½" in either direction. Your tailgate can fully, open, your truck bed or rear compartment is fully accessible, and your tailgate is fully protected from tailgate-hits-jack damage.


And the frustration of repeatedly backing in and out to get the ball precisely under the hitch is now avoidable with this refined, mechanically elegant solution to an age-old problem!


Designed to live outside, unprotected year-round in the most extreme environments - January in Alaska, July in Arizona. Jack rotation is infinitely adjustable, so can always be mounted in your direction of choice.


The Stainless Steel Lead Screw can be installed on either side, facing either end, four possible positions, and can be re-positioned without de-installing the Side-to-Side or jack.


Available in TWO models, both Powder Coated:


▶︎ $399 -  Side-to-Side includes (2) 24" mounting bars, (2) 5" X 9" X 3/16" End Plates with mounting holes, and moves the jack back from 8 to 14 inches from stock.


▶︎ $499 - Side-to-Side Maxi includes (2) 24" mounting bars, (4) 16" extension bars, (4) 5" X 9" X 3/16" End Plates, and moves the jack back from 8 to 36 inches, as far as is possible for most trailers. The Maxi can mount (2) batteries, one on each end.


▶︎ Optional Side Arms, sold separately, bolt to either model, can face front or back, and can attach a Double Propane Tank Rack holding (2) 5 gallon 20# or (2) 7½ gallon 30# tanks.

▶︎ Optional Propane Lock, sold separately, discourages propane thieves.


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Jack Back Side-to-Side

SKU: 0009
  • Made  in the USA!


    Invented, Patented, Owned  & Sold Exclusively by R&M Manufacturing!


    • Precision, laser-cut parts allow smooth, easy operation.


    • Powder coated, galvanized, bronze, brass & staimless parts defeat rust & corrosion.


    • Crank handle snaps on.  Leave on indefinitely, or remove & store. Or use an electric drill with a socket  adapter or a standard ratchet.


    • Uses a 1/2" diameter, 10 threads-per-inch, Stainless Steel ACME Lead Screw to move the tongue.


    • Factory Assembled, easy installation - just adjust to fit trailer, shackle to tongue, move jack, install Lead Screw.


    • Two excellent products R&M does NOT make or sell deliver unique benefits to many trailer owners & merit serious consideration Impartial R&MOverviews with links.

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