Jack Back

Jack Back

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Jack Back Extended

Jack Back with Side Arms

Jack Back with Side Arms

Double Propane Tank Rack

Relocates the trailer jack back to a stationary steel platform shackled to the tongue. Does not enable sideways tongue movement. Designed to live outside, unprotected, year-round in all climates.

▶︎ Allows full tailgate opening, full rear

..   access, prevents tailgate-hits-jack

..   damage while hitched.
▶︎ Supports manual & electric jacks.

▶︎ Optional Extended Model enables

..   JB mounting anywhere on tongue,

..   attaches batteries & accessories.

▶︎ Optional Side Arms attach a ..   standard double propane rack.
▶︎ Attaches a storage container, tool 

..   box, inverter, generator, water 

..   tanks, compressor,  pump & more,

      Features and Benefits
▶︎ Jack platform is hardened steel, 40%

..   stronger than standard steel plate. 
▶︎ Offers a reliable, economical way to

..   relocate the trailer jack and mount

..   accessories.

   Features of ALL  R&M  Products
▶︎ Bolt-on only, no drilling or welding.
▶︎ Leaves unchanged all towing factors:

..   brakes, electric, safety chains, etc.

▶︎ No hardware is attached to receiver

..   or hitch, temporarily or permanently.
▶︎ Factory assembled, just adjust to fit

..   your trailer, shackle to tongue, move

..   jack.

   Plywood Accessory


Attach any platform to any model

with Super Strong Side Arms

Jack Back Extended

    with Side Arms  

  Jack Back Extended

     with Side Arms

Double Propane Rack

      Two Batteries

Jack Back

Jack Back Extended

▶︎ Starts with a complete Jack Back

..   including (2) 24" bars 

▶︎ Adds (4) 14"  bars to enable 

.    mounting further back on the tongue

▶︎ Adds (4) accessory hold downs. 

          Features and Benefits
▶︎ Mounts (2) batteries or accessories,

..    permanently or temporarily.

▶︎  Optional Side Arms attach a

..    standard double propane tank rack

..    using the original hold down

..    mechanism.

Side Arms

Attaches a double propane tank rack

to a standard or extended Jack Back or Side-to-Side, and uses the original hold down mechanisms.

▶︎ Optional add-on to the Jack Back or

..   Side-to-Side.
▶︎ Contains (2) 4" X 12" X 3/16" brackets

..   that bolt to bars, facing front or back

..   and have a 2" X 3/16" vertical gusset

..   for strength.  Super Strong.


       Features and Benefits

▶︎ Can attach odd shaped objects, 

..   permanently with bolts, or temporarily

..   with bungees or straps.

Jack Back

Jack Back Extended

Side Arms

Price:  $159
Price: $259
Price: $59
JB4 - 4" Frame
JB5 - 5" Frame
JB6 - 6" Frame

      Model Selection

All Jack Back models are the same price. Their contents  differ  only in shackle bolt length.
Jack Back Extended  models are the same price. Their contents differ only in shackle bolt length.

                 If frame height is:

▶︎ 4" buy JB-4 or JBX-4, 5½" bolts 
▶︎ 5" buy JB-5 or JBX-5, 6½" bolts 
▶︎ 6" buy JB-6 or JBX-6, 7½" bolts

▶︎ If frame height is in between,

..   select next longer one. If too long 

..   ½" nuts make good spacers.  
▶︎ If frame height is outside these

..   ranges, email specs in advance

..   and we will include any length 

..   shackle bolts at no extra cost.

JBX4 - 4" Frame
JBX-5 - 5" Frame
JBX6 - 6" Frame

Please email or phone for assistance in ordering or

model selection if necessory.


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