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 Side-to-Side Extended 

Side-to-Side with Side Arms

Side-to-Side with Side Arms

 Double Propane Tank Rack


Stainless Steel Lead Screw            Brass Lead Nut

     Bronze Lead Bushing

Relocates the trailer jack back to a steel platform which slides between nylon surfaces in a steel frame shackled to the tongue.  The tongue glides smoothly and easily 4" in either direction.  


Designed to live outside, unprotected year-round - January in Green Bay, July in Death Valley. A refined, mechanically elegant solution to an age-old problem.

▶︎ Moves the trailer tongue sideways to

..   align with the ball, making one-pass

..   hookups common.

▶︎ Allows full tailgate opening, full rear

..   access, prevents jack hitting  and

..   damaging the tailgate.
▶︎ Manual or electric jack can face any 

..   direction.
▶︎ The Side-to-Side Extended 

..   enables STS mounting anywhere

..   on the tongue, and attaches batteries

..   or other accessories.  
▶︎ The Side Arms mount facing front

..  or back, attaches a double propane

..   tank rack and uses the original hold 

..   down apparatus.

   Features and Benefits

▶︎ Precision, laser-cut parts allow

...  smooth, easy operation, and

..   never wear out.

▶︎ Stainless steel, galvanized, bronze,

..   brass & coated parts defeat rust

..   and corrosion.
▶︎ Crank handle snaps on.  Leave on

.    indefinitely, or remove & store.

▶︎ The jack platform and restraining

..   collars are 1/4" thick hardened

..   steel, 40% stronger than steel

..   plate.
▶︎ Factory Assembled, just adjust to

..   fit your trailer, shackle to tongue,

..   move jack, install lead screw.

   Side-to-Side Crank

  with Stainless Steel Handle & Spring Catch

    Standard on ALL 


▶︎ Adds (4) 16" extension bars to enable

..   mounting anywhere on the tongue.
▶︎ Adds (2) 5" X 9" X 3/16" accessory

..   holddowns to the (2) already on

..   the STS .

          Features and Benefits
▶︎ Mounts (2) batteries or accessories,

..    permanently or temporarily.

▶︎  Optional Side Arms attach a

..    standard double propane tank rack

..    using the original hold down

..    mechanism.

Side-to-Side Extended with               Side Arms

Side-to-Side Extended with                Side Arms

Double Propane Tank Rack

          Two Batteries

Attaches a double propane tank rack to a standard or extended Side-to-Side and

uses the original hold down mechanisms.

▶︎ Optional add-on to the Side-to-Side 

▶︎ Contains (2) 4" X 12" X 3/16" brackets

..   that bolt to bars, facing front or back

.  and have a 2" X 3/16" vertical gusset

..   for strength.  Super Strong.

            Features and Benefits

▶︎ Can attach odd shaped objects, 

..   permanently with bolts, or temporarily

..   with bungees or straps.


Side-to-Side Extended 

Side Arms


Price:  $399
STS4 - 4" Frame

Side-to-Side Extended 

Price:  $499
STSX4 - 4" Frame

Side Arms

STS5 - 5" Frame
STSX5 - 5" Frame
STS6 - 6" Frame

        Model Selection

All Side-to-Side models are the same price. Their contents  differ  only in shackle bolt length.
Side-to-Side Extended  models are the same price. Their contents differ only in shackle bolt length.

                 If frame height is:

▶︎ 4" buy STS-4 or STSX-4, 5½" bolts
▶︎ 5" buy STS-5 or STSX-5 ,6½" bolts
▶︎ 6" buy STS-6 or STSX-6, 7½" bolts

▶︎ If frame height is in between,

..   select next longer one. If too long,

..   ½" nuts make good spacers.
▶︎ If frame height is outside these

..   ranges, email specs in advance

..   and we will include any length 

..   shackle bolts at no extra cost.

STSX6 - 6" Frame

Please email or phone for assistance in ordering or

model selection if necessary.


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