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                  • Overview •  

R&M  invented,  designed and patented the Side-to-Side and the Jack Back. CAD drawings, production software and this web site were created entirely by R&M .  We also fabricate, assemble and ship ourselves. This hands-on approach to quality control benefits both our customers and our company.

We believe R&M 's solutions to  repeated back-ins, restricted rear access and dented tailgates will be immediately appreciated by many trailer owners. And they are patent protected, available only from R&M 

         • Easy Installation • 


▶︎ Factory assembled.  Just bolt the top

..   shackles to the device, shackle the

..   device to the tongue, relocate jack,

..   install lead screw.
▶︎ Includes Video & Narrative Installation 

..   Instructions.

▶︎ Requires NO drilling or welding  of the

..   trailer frame, hitch or or receiver. so

.    structural integrity not compromised.

 • Retains Towing Integrity


▶︎ Leaves unchanged all towing

..   characteristics, including safety

..   brakes, utility hookups, safety chains

..   and all trailer connections.

         • Product Summary •


R&M  uses adjustable 3/8" X 2" steel mounting bars to allow installation at any location on the tongue. The platform that supports the jack, and the collars that restrain it, are made of 1/4 inch thick A520 Grade 50 steel plate, an alloy 40% stronger than standard steel.  Together, they equal nearly 3/4 of an inch of standard steel. Failure is not an option.

R&M  includes hold downs and many other super-strong attachment points to mount accessories. Battery boxes can be bolted directly to the hold down. Mounting holes holes in industry-standard double propane tank racks align with holes in the hold downs.

Some accessories may require a special bracket, strap or similar device to create secure attachment, or must have appropriate enclosure for weather protection.

          • Product Support 

R&M  provides free technical support for model selection, installations or problems via email, text or phone. If you have unique requirements or a challenging tongue configuration, contact us. Our flexible, modular design allows us to create custom solutions with standard parts with standard prices. There are few trailer tongue mounting requests that ​

R&M  cannot satisfy.

              Model Summary 


R&M                         Inches    Installation

Model                       Setback  Location

Side-to-Side             8-14        Front
STS Extended          8-34        All
Jack Back                 6-21        Front
JB Extended             6-37        All
Accessory Platform  N/A         All
Front Addition           N/A         All

<------------ Dimensions --------->  Weight--

STS   in 6" X 15.5, out 9 X 26      45 lbs

STSX in 6" X 15.5, out 9 X 44      62 lbs

JB      in 6" X   7,    out 6.75 X 7   27 lbs

JBX    in 6" X   7,    out 7.5 X 40   47 lbs

AP      min  24", max 44"               44 lbs

SA      W 4", L 12", H 2"                 10 lbs

       Hot-Dip Galvanization •


We carefully chose galvanization as primary

rust protection for nuts and bolts. When steel is immersed in molten zinc the two metals blend metallurgically. An outer layer

of pure zinc is added, and zinc is embedded

into the steel itself, creating a zinc/steel alloy.  The zinc is in and on the steel, effectively becoming part of it.

Because it merges into the steel rather than stuck onto the outside, like paint or epoxy, even when the outer layer of zinc is chipped or scratched, the original steel underneath is still protected by the zinc embedded in it.

Galvanization self-repairs when damaged. When zinc decays, the resulting material is deposited back on the steel, resealing it from the atmosphere and maintaining protection.  It looks good on day one and  
remains so indefinitely.

Manufacturer's expected life span is 50 to 100 years.

      • More Capability • 

▶︎ Makes hitch-to-ball alignment on the

.    first back-in ordinary.
▶︎ Allows full opening of the tailgate or

..   SUV rear enclosure.

▶︎ Allows unrestricted rear access while

..   hitched for pickups with and without

..   canopies, and for SUV's with fully

..   enclosed rear compartments.  
▶︎ Mounts batteries, container, water

..   tank, generator, inverter, standard

..   double propane tank rack & more.

..   permanently or temporarily.  

▶︎ Can add a second or even a third

..   battery, or a second propane tank.

       • More Convenience •


▶︎ Ends struggling to hold up your 

..   half-opened tailgate with one hand

..   while wrestling heavy objects over it

..   with the other.

▶︎ Makes it easier to load storage b

..   boxes heavy equipment, tools,

..   construction materials, pumps. etc.

..   while hitched.

▶︎ Makes it possible to load dirt bikes,

..   compressors, generators, tanks,

..   etc. while hitched by creating open

..   space to load objects too large or

..   heavy to lift over the tailgate.
▶︎ Creates a convenient free area on

..   tongue to temporarily hold tools,

..   security pins, etc., or to step over

..   the tongue to ease hitching.

          • More Flexibility • 


▶︎ Allows the jack to face ANY direction

..   that is convenient for the operator.
▶︎ Works with nearly ANY  OEM or

..   aftermarket trailer jack.
▶︎ Works with manual and electric jacks

..   with ANY  flange hole pattern, size,

..   shape or thickness.

▶︎ The stainless steel lead screw can be

.    installed on either sidefacing either

.    end, four possible positions.

▶︎ Lead screw can be re-positioned

..   without de-installing device or  jack.

▶︎ Easily transferable to your next trailer

..   since it is bolted, not welded, to the

..   trailer tongue.

Free Tech Support for
Model Selection,
Installations, etc.
Email, Text or Phone 
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