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Accessory Platform 

Video 1

Video 2

#1 . . .  Starting Point 

                       (All Models) 

▶︎ Hand tighten bolts initially, fully 

..   tighten when finished.
▶︎ Mount as far back on the tongue as

..   possible to maximize front clearance.
▶︎ Many benefits and useful details are

..   not obvious and justify reading or

 .   scanning these instructions,

..   especially for extended models.

#2  The Fastest Option 

                       (All Models) 

Many installations are so simple and straight forward they can be  done by just looking closely at the Illustrations. Find one close to yours, assemble the parts in a similar way, and bolt it on.


R&M  uses Erector Set® and Lego®

logic - standardized parts assembled in different ways for different purposes.

#3  Select Install  Location 

                       (All Models) 

Trailer without batteries & propane

▶︎ Locate as far back as possible

Trailer with batteries  & propane
▶︎ If any location avoids batteries &

..   propane, locate there.
▶︎ If batteries behind propane,

..   relocate them & locate there.
.    • Avoid, trim or remove the battery

.       bracket to clear relocated jack.
.    • Install device, relocate batteries.

▶︎ For all others, relocate batteries and

.    propane, locate at the far back.
.    • Avoid, trim or remove obstructing

.       brackets.

#4             Mount            

         • Accessory Platforlm 


▶︎ Set the Accessory Platform in its

..   new permanent location on tongue.

...   • Mount as far back as possible to

....     maximize useful space on front.

...    Can be mounted off-center or

..       twisted to avoid  brackets, etc.
▶︎ Position top shackles alongside the

..   the bars, astride the frame rails.
▶︎ Bolt the top shackles to the bars.

▶︎ Bolt the top shackles to bottom

..   shackles, clamping the tongue

..   rails in between.

  • Relocate batteries & propane if

..  .necessary

#5   Ending Point 


▶︎ TIGHTEN All Bolts!

▶︎ Attach your accessory to the hold

....downs permanently with bolts or

... temporarily with bungees or straps.

▶︎ Confirm the emergency breakaway

..   cable for the trailer brakes and

..   electric & propane systems work

..   properly, and all bolts are TIGHT!

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