Accessory Platform

   Large Tool Box


 Overview •

 Accessory Platform

Bars Unequal Length

 Mounted on Tongue


Creates a strong, stable surface  to mount almost any accessory of any weight or size, temporary or permanent. It does not relocate the jack.


▶︎ Standalone device, not an add-on.
▶︎ Contains (4) 24" X 2" X 3/8" steel           . bars 
bolted together in pairs.

▶︎ Each pair is shackled to the tongue

..   in parallel creating a strong

..   mounting surface. Distance between

..   the two adjusts to fit any accessory.

▶︎ Contains (4) hold downs that bolt to

......bars to attach accessories.


           Features and Benefits
▶︎ Mounts anywhere on the tongue.

▶︎ Lengths adjustable from 24" to 44".

▶︎ Can attach a storage container, tool

..   box, water, fuel, generator, pump,

..   compressor, & more. 

      Model Selection

All Accessory Platform models

are the same price. Their contents  differ only in shackle bolt length. 

                 If frame height is:

▶︎ 3", buy  AP3 orAPX3, 4½" bolts 
▶︎ 4", buy AP4 or APX4, 5½" bolts 
▶︎ 5", buy AP5 or APX5, 6½" bolts

▶︎ 6", buy AP6 or APX6, 7½" bolts
▶︎ 7", buy AP7 or APX7, 8½" bolts

▶︎ 8", buy AP8 or APX8, 9½" bolts

Accessory Platform

Price: $199
AP-3" Frame
AP-4" Frame
AP-5" Frame
AP6 - 6" Frame
AP-7" Frame
AP-8" Frame

     Accessory Platform

 Rubbermaid Action Packer

               24 gallon


Accessory Platform     Large Generator


Accessory Platfom

Bars Equal Length

        Tool Box


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